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This week on the blog has unintentionally become all about my son, no doubt due to his recent return from a year away from home in Heidelberg. But that's okay with me. The fundamental building block of community is family, both the one we're born into and the one we choose. One of my very favorite family and community photos comes from a Halloween (my favorite holiday) a long time ago.

Our dear friends (who are STILL our dear friends!) invited us to a kids & adults costume party.
Our then three-year old son asked to be Batman but the store-bought costumes with the plastic muscles didn't come small enough, so I made a costume. And then I cut up a blanket, stuck some electrical tape and felt on a sweatshirt, and became his trusted sidekick. 

THIS my friends is what it's all about.

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And remember to party on. And fight crime. 


08/18/2012 08:32

you know, everyday I love you a little more :)

08/19/2012 10:56

This is so sweet! Love the picture!
Thanks for sharing!


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