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How do I share happiness? That's easy. In my daily life I enjoy humor and banter. My daughter and I can get going faster than Lorelai and Rory on Gilmore Girls. And my husband and son are no slouches in the wit department either. We're wacky but we have fun.

And self-serving as this sounds, I share my happiness with the world through my books. The top-most goal of my circus series is to be FUN. Yes, The Mumbo Jumbo Circus is a gritty, weird little circus, but it's really, really fun. And I'm working on a 'grown-up' novel called The Cookie King that is silliness in prose form. So yeah, my work is the way I share happiness.

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08/19/2012 18:13

Jane, you crack me up :) Thank you for always being genuine and honest and completely YOU. So glad you're my friend :)

05/15/2013 00:24

If we want to live for a long time we have to be happy always! There is something that everyone should understand! Happiness always comes from within us! We should not rely upon others for our happiness! Be the cause for our own happiness! Enjoy each moment of our life!


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