To my mind, one of the wonderful elements of this DIY adventure is that I get to share parts  of it with you instead of having everything be hush-hush. 

Like most projects, the first in my circus series has undergone a parade of titles. The most recent moniker, and the one which it last wore publicly, is PICKLED PUNKS. If you don't know what a pickled punk is, you're not alone. So, while I consider that title brilliant (my DH came up with it) and a wonderful metaphor for the unwanted teens who end up at my circus, it may not be the best for the noisy DIY world. I have chosen THE MUMBO JUMBO CIRCUS, which isn't mysterious but at least tells the potential reader something about the book.

If you madly prefer PICKLED PUNKS, let me know about it! I'm all about the feedback being part of this here adventure.

So without further ado, here is a preview of some of the work going into this project:
(The photos have an eerie green glow because everything I touch is just that magical, har.)

Yes, there is an actual minor character who happens to be a pickled punk, although he's more like a psychic George Carlin in a jar.


Here we have our protagonist, Evan, knocking for the first time upon the door of the Ringmaster's converted train car trailer. She has something important to tell him, but she's reluctant to share this particular news.


The title graphic that will appear on the book cover and all of the circus trucks etc.

Help me out here, is it better with the B's shortened, or not?

Time for me to get back to work!

So tell me, what circus imagery would you most like to see in THE MUMBO JUMBO CIRCUS?

All artwork Copyright 2011 Jane George