The paperback edition of X-It, my novel set in punk era NYC, should be available the first week of April on Barnes and Noble and Amazon. I'll post as soon as it's up!

I'm also giving away 10 copies on GoodReads from April 1-30. As soon as the contest is live, I'll post a link to enter here on the blog.

The eBook editions will follow as soon as I tackle and master the formatting. I am determined to do this one myself. Hope I still have some hair left when it's all over.

And I will send jellybeans to anyone who has already read X-It (on its journey to publication) and leaves a review on Amazon, B&N & GoodReads. If you are interested in reading X-It for review, contact me via the Contact Form on the Home page and I will send you a pdf file in exchange for an honest review. If you get a book and don't post a review to the sites above, black jellybeans for you.

NOTE: X-IT is NOT a YA novel, the protagonist is eighteen, but so was Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's. The book deals with mature subject matter.

Also, if you've been interested in reading my YA fantasy, The Mumbo Jumbo Circus, but haven't gotten around to it yet, the Kindle eBook edition will be FREE on Amazon from April 6-10. I'll be sending out reminders. After that promo, the eBook will again be available on Nook, and soon afterward on Smashwords, Kobo, and iPad.

This is all in preparation for the launch of The Daring Young Man! Which will happen in early summer, I promise. You want it to be good, don't you? And I will soon be devoting all my time to writing again as my set design commitments for Contra Costa Ballet's Alice in Wonderland will be finished in mid-May. I shall post pics, because the show is going to be incredible.