Here's an advertisement I painted and designed for an exciting new ballet of Alice in Wonderland. I'll post more about the show in upcoming months. Right now I'm trying to balance writing work and illustrative work as I'm also designing sets and a backdrop. And you can see from the performance dates I don't have a lot of time. Anyways, this was an opportunity not to be missed. As they say in ballet, "Merde!"
Run. Catzilla!
The HOLIDAY SALE for The Mumbo Jumbo Circus has finally come to an end. The price is back to normal. 

We're now well into 2012 and the holidays have also come to an end. Even the twelve-drummers-drumming day has passed. I'm as back to normal as I get.

The Yule tree and house decorations are tucked away again. All except for Santa's Village, which continues to be terrorized by catzillas. I think they like the fuzzy fake snow to nap on, and the elves are fun to bat around. Responsibility for Santa's Village comes under the auspices of the teenage daughter. I hope she rides to their rescue soon.